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Powerful Tools To Grow Your Business

Join thousands of other companies to learn how they’re successfully growing their businesses with Market Central Hub powerful tools.

We are solid, we are very good at what we do, and we are making a difference!

We are giving YOU a FREE demo of the tools. you need this tools to generate more customers for your business.

Market Central Hub is ready to support you, and the small to medium size business community:

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Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services

Majority of  Commercial and Residential Cleaning Specialists in the United States run their business using Market Central Hub.

repair maintenances

Repair and Maintenance Professionals

Professional Handyman Services, like HVAC, Roofing, and More, are Generating Leads, Communicating  with customers using Market Central Hub.

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Gardening and Landscaping Business

Gardening and Landscaping businesses are already managing their business using Market Central Hub.

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New Car Dealers, Used Car Dealers, New and Used Truck Dealers, Repair Shops, Tire Centers, Parts Stores, Car Rental Companies, Body and Paint Shops, New and Used Boat Dealers, are all growing their business and managing their customers using Market Central Hub.

mortgage broker


Brokerage Offices Large or Small, Loan Officer Teams, Independent Loan Officers, are acquiring and building customers for life using Market Central Hub. 

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Real Estate

Brokerage Offices Large or Small, Teams Large or Small, Independent Real Estate Agents, are attracting and growing their customers base using Market Central Hub.

Boost Your Business Now!

Below is a small sample of the feature tools needed for any business to successfully manage inbound leads and customer relationships. We have 21 feature tools in all.

Getting Paid Immediately!

Once you complete a job, can your system automatically TEXT TO PAY an invoice along with a link to your customer requesting immediate payment? Can you receive those funds immediately into your bank account? Our clients say that they have increased cash flow and decreased receivables using this powerful tool.

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Texting Without Using A Cell Phone!

Can anyone in your business TEXT potential customers or existing customers without using their cell phones? Capture and review those conversations from one dashboard.

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Stay In Touch With Potential and Current Customers!

Does your system have the ability to perform AUTOMATED EMAIL sequences to your potential customers as well as current customers?

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What Happens When You Miss A Call?

When you are busy and can’t answer that incoming call, does your system automatically send a MISSED CALL TEXT BACK message to the incoming customer informing them that you are on the other line and asking how can we help you today?

Reputation Management

Can you go to one central location and manage all of your reviews from all sources? In today’s social world, you better have a system in place where you can quickly respond to reviews. And now we make it so easy for you to send and receive those reviews. Google will tell you that you need to respond to your reviews, good or bad if you want better page placement. Our system allows you to do just that, respond from a single dashboard. Send, receive, and respond from a single dashboard. So start getting more reviews today!

Appointment Reminders!

How about this? Can your system send out a RINGLESS VOICEMAIL MESSAGE that alerts your customers of a scheduled appointment time? Or how about a holiday greeting? Our clients say this is such a great tool, increases their time to focus on other essential tasks.

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Connect With More Visitors to Your Website!

Does your website provide a way for your customers to have a 2-WAY MESSAGING opportunity? Did you know that 83% of the customers visiting your website prefer to begin a conversation through a 2-WAY MESSAGE? Not to be confused with the typical message box that says “Type a message here and someone will get back to you”. True 2-WAY MESSAGING you need it!

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How old is your website?

Using your system, can you build a website? How about a landing page? Is your website outdated? Do you need a landing page to market your product or service? Again, we have you covered here. Inside of our system, you have the solution and power to put your best look forward. Capture more customers using these tools from Market Central Hub.


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