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About Us

Market Central Hub is dedicated to helping local small to medium-sized businesses by providing a superior way of communicating with their potential customers and current customers. Additionally, we help grow businesses by way of inviting and attracting organic traffic. Add to the mix that we provide a powerful suite of state-of-the-art marketing tools. All of this is done from one central location under the same roof. The system connects with your customers in the manner and way that is important to them. Imagine having powerful marketing tools to reach and attract potential customers, upsell and communicate with current customers, and reactivate past customers. This is the way today’s businesses are operating. For that reason, we are one of the fastest-growing industry-leading-business-product-service companies nationwide. Book a no-obligation demo call with us today to learn more about how we can help you with your situation! We are solid, we are very good at what we do, and we are making a difference!

“The business owner must move with the times. The correlation between knowledge and business as the key to success is closer than ever”

TOM GRANT: CEO_Market central Hub

Tom Grant Photo2

TOM GRANT: CEO_Market central Hub

More About The CEO


Tom Grant, the CEO of Kristyl Media and Market Central Hub, has been in the business world since 1985. His first adventure was helping a friend get a tire, wheel, and alignment center up and going. Moving on from there, a friend, the general manager of a Nissan dealership, suggested that he would be a natural at selling cars and asked him to join the team. He accepted his offer and began selling cars. He quickly worked his way through the ranks to become a part-owner and sole dealer operator. The dealership grew under his leadership to become the second in Nissan’s new car sales volume on the West Coast. 


Then, looking for additional opportunities, he found and purchased a struggling Chevrolet dealership. And, within a few years, moved the sales volume from 30 new car sales a month to over 275 new car sales a month. Finally, after 25 years in the automotive business, he sold both franchises.


Not ready to retire yet, he set his sights on a new career and joined the real estate team at Re/Max. Within a year, he rose to be one of the country’s top 10% in sales. Not comfortable working for a franchise, he set out his own. He developed and executed a more affordable real estate brokerage solution for real estate agents.


Eight years after owning the real estate brokerage, it grew to 14 offices throughout the Pacific Northwest. The brokerage  sales consistently ranked in the top 5 of any MLS they were associated with.


Selling the brokerage to a junior partner and still not looking to retire, he used his vast marketing knowledge to open Kristyl Media and Market Central Hub. 


As time went by, Tom realized technology was being incorporated into the business world. Automatically, this would change how people interact and communicate with customers and their associates. New communication channels would also emerge. Guess what, all his predictions came to pass. Businesses that are still old school have
either closed or are on the verge of collapse.


SMS, Social Media Platforms, and Mobile Phones are now among the most commonly used communication channels in the business world. Anyone that uses these channels will effectively communicate with their customers.


Today Kristyl Media and Market Central Hub are enjoying the success of working with many clients from coast-to-coast. Tom uses his vast business insight, knowledge, and experience to help local businesses thrive through those mediums.


His leisure time is spent hanging out with family and fishing the many waterways of the Pacific Northwest with his son and friends.