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Reputation Management

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Don’t let one-star reviews stress you out.

Be smart by outnumbering the one-star reviews. Ensure the remaining 99% of your customers have a voice after purchasing your products or services, which increases the chances of leaving positive reviews.

Drive More Business to Your Business With Reviews.

Trusted by the majority of businesses and satisfied customers around the country.

Market Central Hub, helps me to manage my business by using their tools to connect to my clients. Additionally, the system manages all the new leads and helps me turn them in to clients.
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Danny M.
VP Operations
It is great to use their service, within a week I got a new client, and their support team was accomodating, highly recommend it.
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Mr. Carlos D.
Before it was not easy to monitor the workflow of my business when Market Central Hub comes in, it's helping me to manage everything.
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Mrs. Sophia
I got sales, I got a new lead, receive a new review, all is automated, it was so effective, Great job Market Central Hub, It is worth it.
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William Thomas

Acquire Positive reviews while sleeping.

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Powerful Analytics

Continuously monitor your business reputation’s health in real-time any time of the day using a powerful analytics tool on Market Central Hub.

Get more out of Texting

Texting via the Market Central Hub platform will provide a big lift for your business. Furthermore, the entire texting process can be automated.

Manage Things Easily

Get a notification, preview, and finally respond to each review through an easy-to-use inbox.

“We had less than 1,000 online reviews on our system before we engaged Market Central Hub. Since connecting with Market Central Hub, our online reviews have increased to almost 35,000.”

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Be available whenever required

Collect as many customer reviews as possible after each purchase on Facebook, Google, among other review websites. With Market Central Hub, you can automatically invite your customers to take reviews after purchasing your products or services.

Automate the Review invitation Process

Gather as many online reviews as possible by automatically inviting your customers to take reviews after each purchase to help you rank better and make it easier for leads to find you.

Monitor your progress 24/7

Set up your goals and compare them with in-depth reporting that Market Central Hub will send you. The in-depth reporting is detailed and will give you an overview of your online reputation in real-time. This helps determine if you are heading in the right direction or not.


In-Depth Reporting

Get detailed, well arranged, and easy-to-understand reporting for both multi-location businesses or a single business.


Respond To Review Notifications

The Market Central App will send you an instant notification immediately after a review gets posted on any of your platforms. Immediately respond using the Market Central Hub app. 

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Personalized Message Templates

With us, you can choose how you want to personalize messages before sending them to your different recipients. Build customizable templates for text messages and email messaging.


The Mobile App

Using the Market Central Hub mobile app gives you the ability to respond to your customer reviews from anywhere in the world.


Competitive benchmarks

Compare star rating, review count, and recency to see how you stack up against your competitors.



Define how many customers are sent to which review sites for a healthy review ecosystem.

All the tools you need in one platform to increase sales, power your business, and stay connected to your customers.

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