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Understanding Automated Email Marketing.

An email automation campaign is one of the commonly used online marketing campaigns. There should be a contact database that this marketing campaign revolves around. The automated email marketing campaign can convert some of your contact databases into leads, nurture them, and eventually customers when done correctly. 

You can also use this marketing campaign for a call into action on your existing customers. It can be product promotion, persuading them for additional purchases, or product adoption, among others.

What is Email Marketing Automation?

Email marketing automation is a digital marketing strategy that sends an email to existing customers or prospects. The digital marketing strategy aims to make existing customers loyal, connect with your leads, nurture them for a while, and then convert them into customers Email marketing is made up of different steps. Each step depends on the other activities for the entire campaign to be successful. Before kick-starting your campaign, ensure you have an email list. These are the people you want to focus your entire marketing campaign on. The email list you have is crucial to your campaign. Therefore, ensure your list contains the intended audience.  This digital campaign marketing requires businesses to capture leads continuously and eventually grow your email list. Market Central Hub is one of the known platforms that help companies get different leads, which often convert them into potential customers. Studies have shown that most businesses or consumers regularly check their emails. Unlike other platforms, the chances of your domain to get suspended are minimal. This means you will have the leads with you for a long time.
Email marketing process

How Can You Get An Email List For Your Automated Email Marketing Campaign?

An email list is the backbone of this digital marketing campaign. This is why you should get an email list with the intended audience before kick-starting this marketing strategy. There are different ways businesses can get an email list. Examples of these methods include:

  1.  Reach out to individuals one on one- Use either an email or any effective messaging platform to invite people to your signup. One email at a time will eventually result in a list.
  2. Use Facebook ads to collect email addresses- Facebook ads are very effective in targeting your intended audience. It is also a recommended method of collecting email addresses from people who are interested in your products. 
  3. Use the signup button on the Facebook business page- When used correctly, the Facebook business page can get you a relevant email list within a reasonable time.
  4. An opt-in offer- This is where you make your targeted audience more interested in your product or services to the point they share their email addresses.
  5. A subscription bar option on your website- For an individual to subscribe, He/She will be required to provide their email address. In the long run, you will end up with an email list.
  6. Partner with individuals in your industry with an existing audience- You can either request the current email address for a deal in return or purchase it.
These are some common methods of getting an email list for an automated email marketing campaign.

Can I Buy An Opt-In List? 

This is one of the commonly asked questions in automated email marketing. 

The claim:

Opt-in email lists for sale are lists of contacts that have agreed to receive emails from third party senders.

The truth:

No. There’s no such thing as an opt-in list for sale!

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