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SMS Marketing Campaigns

Set Up an SMS marketing campaign that attracts leads

Hit lead generation on all fronts. SMS marketing campaigns have a 98% open rate compared to email campaigns. Get timely responses, and measure the results.

Trusted by the majority of businesses and satisfied customers around the country.

Market Central Hub, helps me to manage my business by using their tools to connect to my clients. Additionally, the system manages all the new leads and helps me turn them in to clients.
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Danny M.
VP Operations
It is great to use their service, within a week I got a new client, and their support team was accomodating, highly recommend it.
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Mr. Carlos D.
Before it was not easy to monitor the workflow of my business when Market Central Hub comes in, it's helping me to manage everything.
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Mrs. Sophia
I got sales, I got a new lead, receive a new review, all is automated, it was so effective, Great job Market Central Hub, It is worth it.
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William Thomas

Send marketing messages people actually want to opt-in lists that build themselves.

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A successful marketing campaign is dependent on attribution. This is why Market Central Hub gives businesses the opportunity to view and measure the results to gain maximum success of any campaign.

SMS like a real person

Send marketing messages that feel conversational and live in the same thread you’re already using to build a relationship with individual customers.

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Let your list build itself.

With opt-in opportunities built into Market Central Hub interactions like Reviews, Payments, and more, your database will naturally grow as you go about business as usual.

“After setting up a quick SMS campaign with Market Central Hub, it improved our communication with our customers. The SMS campaign helped us sell out our products within days, which was outstanding for our business.”

Crafting and sending 2-way text messages.

Apart from the 98% open rate, Market Central Hub’s SMS is two-way. This means that conversations can extend beyond the promotional level. Automatically, this improves the engagement rate with leads and convert more leads into loyal customers.

Get prior consent opt-ins while the iron’s hot.

Navigating regulation to build your list can be intimidating. With Market Central Hub, the list will build itself. Market Central Hub helps you to add simple opt-in opportunities everywhere your customers interact with you, including within Market Central Hub products like Webchat, Reviews, Payments, and Feedback.

Customize your Campaigns for your business needs.

Coming up with a captivating text campaign has been simplified by Market Central Hub. You can now come up with a personal and enticing text that makes your customers feel special. The SMS campaigns can be customized to target any particular group. 

Easy of management. Instant results.

Learning and understanding how the SMS marketing campaign works are essential. The Market Central Hub platform gives you real-time results from your marketing campaign. This helps you improve your marketing campaigns by making decisions based on what is being displayed on your dashboard.

All the tools you need in one platform to increase sales, power your business, and stay connected to your customers.

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