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Workflow Automation

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The best automated Integration solution, it can do anything you need, but with that level of sophistication comes some ability to map out the automations and think through goals.

This new feature has made mapping out and building your clients automations much more approachable and efficient, workflow Automation Builder is a powerful work management integration solution that allows you to automate your workflow with one click.

Workflow Automation Builder

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The workflow automation builder makes it easy to build your client’s automation and mapping out. Also, this builder supports workflow automation through a single click. That is why it’s listed among the robust management solutions. 

Each organization should focus on being efficient in terms of management, which should transform into being productive. Investing in an easy-to-use solution improves the productivity levels of an organization and effectively handles routine tasks. Routine tasks examples include appointment scheduling., analytics and reporting, among others. The workflow automation builder allows the automation of repetitive tasks so that you handle other important matters. 

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Trigger Create actions based on anything you need.

Create actions based on anything you need, your creativity is usually where you find your limitations, for all new ideas, there is an ideas board to get it built. You can trigger off of a call coming in, Facebook Ad, status change work with Tags in your contacts, and the sky is the limit. Even create your own Trigger Links that you can put in SMS and Emails to trigger events when the link is clicked.



You can set up conversations to be automated either through text message or email or both. Automate things likes, review requests, reminders, invitations.

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Auto Responder 

You don’t have to be physically present to initiate conversations and capture leads. Market Central Hub’s Auto-responder feature will automatically capture leads and start conversations even when you are not available.

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Assign Conversations

You can assign conversations to a particular employee or a particular business location by clicking a button. 



Determine how you want to personalize your invites and messages before sending them to different individuals. There is also an option of using customizable templates.



You can receive or send photos, videos, or any significant file types as attachments through the Market Central Hub.



Determine the people you will grant permissions to access particular types of conversations.

Trusted by the majority of businesses and satisfied customers around the country

Market Central Hub, helps me to manage my business by using their tools to connect to my clients. Additionally, the system manages all the new leads and helps me turn them in to clients.
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Danny M.
VP Operations
It is great to use their service, within a week I got a new client, and their support team was accomodating, highly recommend it.
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Mr. Carlos D.
Before it was not easy to monitor the workflow of my business when Market Central Hub comes in, it's helping me to manage everything.
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Mrs. Sophia
I got sales, I got a new lead, receive a new review, all is automated, it was so effective, Great job Market Central Hub, It is worth it.
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William Thomas

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