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Lead Generation

Lead Generation, new customer

Would you like to laser in on your clients? Are marketing, technology, and ads not your thing? Relax! We have your back!

Our Sister Company, Kristyl Media, can run different digital marketing campaigns to generate leads. Market Central Hub is your turnkey solution for qualifying those leads through a series of automated emails and text messages that turn those conversations into customers.

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Market Central Hub Chat Team

Market Central Hub chat team can engage with the new incoming leads for potential conversions that can lead to appointments on your calendar.

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Once the leads respond by text, email, or chat, the Market Central Hub team will rank them based on their responses.

An appointment will be booked directly to your calendar when there is interest from the potential leads

Market Central Hub positions you as the expert for what you do.  We act as a white label partner.

Market Central Hub sales representatives respond to messages within 45 seconds.

That’s not all; Market Central Hub works diligently to make sure every lead is thoroughly vetted, so you get the most out of your marketing dollars.

Market Central Hub can generate between 2-10 times the investment amount for this service.  

Our sister company will attract potential leads. The potential leads are nurtured in the Market Central Hub system until they are ready to buy your goods or services.

Does this sound amazing to you? If yes, schedule a video meeting with a Market Central Hub business development manager to discuss your business goals. From that conversation, we can determine if our program will be of value to you.

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All the tools you need in one platform to increase sales, power your business, and stay connected to your customers


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