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An email is a powerful tool when used well in any business setup. Studies reveal that most businesses open their emails daily. This makes it an excellent communication tool, and it can be operated from any location. Email is also less intrusive when compared to phone calls. 

With emails, you can easily communicate with your clients and employees while sharing important information or setting up meetings. 

However, when wrongly used, email can significantly affect your productivity. Don’t spend too much of your time solely on emails. Be reasonable on the time you spend on your emails. Always balance all your tasks.

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Tips on How to Manage Your Email Inbox :

A cluttered email is characterized by unopened emails, both old and new. This brings confusion on which emails should be answered first or given urgent priority. Below are some tips on how to effectively manage your email inbox:

  • Don’t procrastinate- Handle what you can achieve today. It prevents the build-up of unopened emails that might bring problems later on. 
  • Make decisions quickly- Don’t take too long to make decisions on important emails. Always be reasonable with the time. 
  • Delete irrelevant emails in your inbox. This applies to promotional emails that don’t require a response. This only leaves your email with crucial ones. 
  • Be active each day- As stated earlier, most businesses open their emails each day. Therefore, try as much as possible to be active on your email.
  • Retain important emails- This is important since you will quickly refer to the email for clarification purposes or any miscommunication. You can also use categories to mark messages based on their importance.


  • Use User-friendly subject lines- Friendly subject lines are easy to search. They also accurately give you a rough idea of what the email contains. This increases the open rate to the email recipients.
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These are a few tips on efficiently managing your email inbox and achieving the best results out of this platform. Book an appointment here.